About Citrus

We are an award-winning company that supports our customers with secure and reliable cloud data solutions and cloud data management consulting.

We have over 75 years of experience in the IT industry between us, so you can rely on us.

Citrus Consulting partners with you for the long term, providing ongoing support and a flexible roadmap to the Cloud, giving you options and making complex application infrastructures simple.

Citrus Consulting is proud to be the only Lifecycle Certified NetApp Gold Partner in New Zealand

Business challenges are becoming more complex and solving them well requires more expertise and experience. No doubt, there are times when a generalist can do the job. But sometimes, customers need support from a team that specialises in the types of challenges that they may face.

That’s why specialisations have become so valuable. Having a validated certification tells other people that you have certain knowledge, about a product, which is usually measured by passing a test. Although certifications are helpful to show people what you know, getting a passing grade isn’t good enough in today’s competitive landscape.

The increasing growth of data and the rapid pace of tech innovation also mean that we have incredible opportunities to add value to customers, beyond a single transaction. These Services Certifications enable us, as a partner, to provide a suite of services that support customers across their ecosystem.

Citrus Consulting is proud to be one of a few elite NetApp partners who can offer huge value to customers through our Lifecycle Services Certification.

Our Philosophy

Citrus Consulting values relationships with customers and staff, knowing that respect is critical to building long-term relationships. With core values of honesty and integrity, Citrus consulting aims to create competitive advantages without a compromise to integrity by adapting the latest in enterprise technology solutions.

Our Vision

We wish to be recognised as the leading authority and the trusted advisor for cloud data solutions, cloud data storage, and cloud data management consulting in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • High standards
  • Simplicity
  • Hungry to learn
  • Making it happen

Our Mission Statement

To provide adaptive technologies and solutions that enhance customer business objectives.

Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Data Management

We help create an environment that provides a common transport mechanism to enable customers to easily, safely and securely move the data closer to where it is needed. In addition to this, we offer the ability to quickly stand up environments with near real-time data of production environments, without adding complexity and storage use. This way, development teams can increase their performance so that they can deliver apps that are required in a very short time for the business units. The bottom line is, if you can react to consumer needs while they are still needed, you will increase your market share and profits for the business.

As the business has become globally accessible, customers have an expectation to be able to do business instantly, when and wherever they are in the world. To compound, this hacking has become a part of life, and malicious attacks have become the norm worldwide. To this end, data protection has become a key element in the survival of any business.
The recovery of the business is essential to its longevity of that business. Simply backing up your data is no longer acceptable. We understand this and use our potent technologies to meet the new world demands of secure, always-available solutions. Our multi-cloud data management solutions allow you to back up data intelligently and recover to any point in time, including to the last saved transaction. We are proud to be partnered with high-quality technologies that make this all possible: Cisco, NetApp, and Veeam.

We work with customers to create a roadmap for their applications and infrastructure.

Our aim is to:

Achieve more with less budget.

Improve efficiencies.

Lower data centre fees.

Increase time to market for apps.

Build a flexible roadmap.

Move data easily and securely.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with these innovators

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NetApp Gold Partner - Citrus Consulting New Zealand
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Our Team

We have over 75 years of experience in the IT industry between us and a strong client base, built through respect and reliability.

Our advanced technology partners include: NetApp, Talon, Veeam, Palo Alto and Cisco. They ensure that our data strategy solutions are secure and meet enterprise needs. Our software portfolio is tightly interlinked so that all the technologies are adaptable and integrate seamlessly. Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and on-premise data solutions.

Honesty, integrity, reliability.

Adrian Hall - Director - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

Adrian Hall


“It is my firm belief that when the owners of a company have the same vision and values it makes every day at work a good day.”

Kevin Rapson - Director - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

Kevin Rapson


“At the end of the day, our customers trust us – that is all the motivation I need.”

Benjamin Lau - Technical Consultant - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

Benjamin Lau

Technical Consultant

Anders Cai - Systems Engineer - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

Anders Cai

Systems Engineer