COVID-19 Update

23rd March, 8:30am As you will have heard over the last few days, the situation with COVID-19 has been changing daily, and it is important that we take all the measures necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers, vendors and partners. In line with the NZ Government’s recently announced level 2…

hybrid cloud infrastructure

Why You Should Have A HCI

The Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Small to Medium Sized Businesses. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) is a modern solution to all Hybrid Cloud data management and IT infrastructure, combining many of the necessary processes into a single efficient Hybrid Cloud solution. There are many reasons why employing a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure could be…

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure - Intelligent IT

HCI — The Next Generation of Intelligent IT Infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Simplifying Business Processes and Data Management HCI, sometimes known as hyperconverged infrastructure or most recently as Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, is the latest iteration of a simplified and more straightforward IT infrastructure, designed to simplify  a business’s processes by aggregating them into a single cloud data management system. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is the…

Object Scale Out Storage

Object Storage and Scale-Out Storage

Citrus Consulting discusses the Pros, Cons, and what you need to know about both. Object-based storage and scale-out storage are considered to be the most optimal way to manage huge amounts of data storage and data traffic that is required by most businesses today. Between consolidating workloads and storing vast arrays of vital data, keeping…

Talon Data Storage Solution

Talon FAST™ and NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAPP’s Ultimate Enterprise Data Storage Solution

Citrus Consulting works in unison with the FAST™ and ONTAPP collaboration to provide our customer’s enterprises are delivered the most efficient data storage solution. In the previous article, we discussed the challenges enterprises face with distributing data to multiple locations from a centralised storage and how Talon FAST™ was providing a solution to better improve…

TALON Fast NZ Case Study

Talon Customer Case Study – New Zealand Construction Firm

COMPANY OVERVIEW This New Zealand based construction firm has grown into one of the leading civil construction companies in New Zealand. They provide their clients with a diverse multi-disciplined civil engineering infrastructure capability that includes the construction of sub-divisions, roads and bridges (including pavements and surfacing), stormwater drainage, pumping stations, water and waste water treatment…

digital waves

Right Infrastructure; Right Location; Right Business Outcome

Citrus Consulting works towards the philosophy of “Right Infrastructure; Right Location; Right Business Outcome”. Sharing Knowledge Earlier this year Citrus Consulting took several customers on a Digital Transformation Study Tour (EBC) to reinforce the knowledge of the market and to enhance our customers data solutions over the coming years. As a leading service provider in…