How the Cloud Impacts Data Management - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

How the Cloud Impacts Data Management

Citrus Consulting manages the data management strategy for companies in New Zealand   While Cloud has become the new normal of how organisations work, its impact on data management is immeasurable. In a world centred around technology, the volume of data has been increasing exponentially. As a result, data management has become the utmost challenge…

What Makes an Efficient IT Infrastructure? - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

What Makes an Efficient IT Infrastructure

Rapid innovation and the unabated advancement of technology have put the IT world in a dilemma of accommodating ever-changing requirements through an efficiently managed infrastructure. This efficient infrastructure must ensure a robust, high-performing setup that is capable of provisioning the advanced requirements of the type of modern applications that innovate businesses now adopt. The continuous…

hybrid cloud infrastructure

Why You Should Have A HCI

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) is a modern solution to all Hybrid Cloud data management and IT infrastructure, combining many of the necessary processes into a single efficient Hybrid Cloud solution. There are many reasons why employing a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure could be beneficial to your business, and why you should consider it above many of the other Cloud-based solutions on the market.