Object Scale Out Storage

Object Storage and Scale-Out Storage

Object-based storage and scale-out storage are considered to be the most optimal way to manage huge amounts of data storage and data traffic that is required by most businesses today. Between consolidating workloads and storing vast arrays of vital data, keeping this data managed and its storage under tight control is an absolute necessity to remain competitive in this day and age.

Talon Data Storage Solution

Talon FAST™ and NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP’s Ultimate Enterprise Data Storage Solution

In the previous article, we discussed the challenges enterprises face with distributing data to multiple locations from a centralised storage and how Talon FAST™ was providing a solution to better improve business productivity. To take this solution one step further Talon and NetApp have collaborated and combined the use of Talon FAST™ and NetApp’s cloud volumes ONTAP.

digital waves

Right Infrastructure; Right Location; Right Business Outcome

Earlier this year Citrus Consulting took several customers on a Digital Transformation Study Tour (EBC) to reinforce the knowledge of the market and to enhance our customers data solutions over the coming years. As a leading service provider in New Zealand, Citrus Consulting works constantly to ensure we are ahead of the curve for our customers and to continually enhance our service offerings.