Cloud Object Storage

Easier to Manage and Access.

Object storage, such as NetApp’s StorageGRID system, utilities metadata and unique identifiers to store data in a large pool to make it easier to manage and get access at any given moment. A traditional tiered data storage system, especially when used for large complex data storage, can be timely and costly when it comes to retrieving the data.

Object storage is also scale-out by nature, so data can continually be added to the data pool as it is needed and shrunk back at the same rate based on requirements. The main advantage of Cloud Object Storage is the ability to access information that is only one tier deep, rather than having to negotiate complex pathways to retrieve the data you require.

Using Object Storage as part of a Hybrid Cloud data management solution prevents disruption and ensures that you can retrieve your data as fast as possible, whether it is stored on-premise or in a Public or Private Cloud.

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Object Storage is simply a faster and more easily managed data storage solution, with a scale out nature that makes it the most cost effective you are likely to find.

Valued at $1000.

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