Data Management

Citrus Consulting understands the importance of Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Citrus services have been designed to assist customers to not only managing their data cost effectively but at the same time ensure that it is completely protected and compliant. Citrus Consulting provides systems in multiple Tier 3A+ data centres which are government approved to Host, House or Co-host customer systems, applications, and data.

The aim of implementing hybrid cloud data management is to support customers in lowering their IT expenses while also offering a valuable service.

Data Management - Citrus Consulting - New Zealand

Citrus provides solutions for:

  • Cloud Services
  • Customer Site PaaS/IaaS
  • Customer Purchased Systems
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Management

These services offer a highly secure environment where data can be placed in the most cost-effective ways, but also offer flexibility, as the data can be moved anywhere safely, securely and without major disruption.

Combined with proven replication technologies that are highly reliable with features such as:

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Data Sense / Cloud compliance for both the DC & public clouds.
  • Reports generated.
  • WORM compliance requirements.


  • Cloud Insights
  • Getting the most out of your infrastructure with data intelligence

Business continuity/digital workplace

  • Business App availability and recoverability
  • Improve workforce productivity with always accessible data via data fabric

Cyber Resiliency as a Service

  • Secure Cloud capability – ensure ultimate security and recovery from cyberthreats. Prevent, Detect and Recover

Data Fabric as a Service

Hybrid Cloud capability – move data seamlessly between on prem and public clouds with no impact to user experience, Cloud Brokerage and Aggregation

Let Us Manage Your Data

Citrus Consulting is passionate about hybrid cloud data management. Our team collaborates with you to create a customized hybrid cloud data strategy that aligns with your business requirements, enabling you to progress in the digital era.

Our cloud data management services are designed to provide your business with the competitive advantage it needs to thrive in today’s digital world. Our certified experts have extensive experience in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud data management, making us an ideal partner for organizations seeking to optimise their data infrastructure and enhance efficiency.

Workshops and Audits

Citrus Consulting offers a number of workshops and audits to help define your current IT landscape, identify gaps and potential risks, and determine the most appropriate strategy moving forward, based on business goals and data analytics.

Enquire now to see a full outline of each workshop:

– Information Systems Discovery and Analysis Workshop

– Information systems Architecture Strategy & Design

– Data Management and Protection Services Workshop

– Data Compliance Service Workshop

Data Comes In All Shapes And Sizes, And So Do We.

Citrus Consulting will work with an organisation’s team to ascertain their current challenges and their desired outcomes, ensuring we create a road map with the solution that has the agility the customer requires. Each solution is priced up based on the initial solution being supplied, however, the pricing structure will also factor in growth should this be required at a later stage.

Have a chat with us and see how we can help you with your data management.

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