The challenge that Citrus Consulting first addressed for us was two-fold.

Firstly, how to best transition from a highly physical environment to a virtual infrastructure environment. The second being the technology itself and how we administer it i.e. the IT involvement.

How data is managed for us is changing greatly from fibre channel storage to a converged network and compute environment. Citrus Consulting had experience in doing for other customers and I personally had had a very positive experience of working with them in the past. So, we asked the to put a proposal forward.

In deciding on who was the best partner for us long term, we knew that Citrus worked closely with NetApp and that NetApp storage met a lot of our requirement for low overheads and high reliability.

However, we consider many options, narrowing suppliers down over a series of discussions and multiple quotes, and I mean multiple, up to twenty different quotes.

The procurement process was very competitive, but Citrus never lost sight of what we needed. And even though they sharpened their pencil, they ensured they increased value for us along the way.

We got the project across the line and selected Citrus for the NetApp installation project and the migration project. They worked tirelessly to change our management control process, and the implementation went like clockwork. Citrus just got on with it, minimising any outages along the way, they were very end user focused.

The thing that really impressed me about the way Citrus worked was how they would make time for us whenever we called. Citrus were aware of the requirements in Health Care Industry, and to coin a phrase, they just “get it”. They take the time to understand your goals and make the effort to discover the best possible option.

Keith Wallance, ICT Services, Infrastructure Team Lead