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The Advantages of a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) is a modern solution to all Hybrid Cloud data management and IT infrastructure, combining many of the necessary processes into a single efficient Hybrid Cloud solution. There are many reasons why employing a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure could be beneficial to your business, and why you should consider it above many of the other Cloud-based solutions on the market.


Scale-Out Storage

In the age of subscription-based storage, flexibility is key. One of the greatest benefits of an HCI is the ability to use the scale-out design to only pay for as much storage as you or your business needs. Many other data storage solutions require the data to be managed in a less malleable and controllable way, forcing you to pay for storage that you don’t really need. However, with HCI such as the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, your Hybrid Cloud data management is scaled-out to meet your demand, minimising the needless spending that may come with other data management solutions.


Lower Operating Expenses

Due to Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures being primarily software-based management solutions, there are many capital and operational expenditure that can be saved by swapping to an HCI. The most prevalent of these savings is, of course, the reduced cost-of-storage based on your needs with the scale-out design. This benefit is closely followed by the reduction in the cost of labour, as with an HCI your IT workloads will be more easily managed and more efficient, allowing for your IT staff to use their time and resources on more important matters. Furthermore, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is very popular in streamlining operations at branch offices and other off-site locations, as it is available as software-as-a-service infrastructure or with a dedicated hardware system for the HCI to run off, giving you more leverage and control over how you manage your data through the HCI.


Ease Of Management

Managing an IT infrastructure can be a whole job in itself, as managing data between on-premises and potentially many Cloud data storages can be very difficult to provision new workloads and access the appropriate data. A functional HCI can handle all of your Cloud data management, while at the same time be designed to  focus on a single task with near instantaneous response time, without being distracted by any other aggregated processes that might be going on in the infrastructure; eliminating the “noisy neighbour” issue.

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