Detect, Protect & Alert: Introducing Citrus Services

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September What's Brewing Event: Detect, Protect & Alert: Introducing Citrus Services

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Join us for our online next ‘What’s Brewing’ event, complete with a gift hamper for every guest.

The Citrus Services have been specifically designed to fill a gap that has been identified between the network intrusion-based security technologies and the data recovery technologies. Cyber security is top of mind for CEOs and CIOs in 2021, as we increasingly decentralise or working environments and potentially introduce more exposure to our data storage.

Citrus’ primary aim is to ADD VALUE to the already well-established protection and recovery applications in the market and not to compete or add complexity to already installed complex data protection applications and staff workload. We’ll add value and help you reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

This will be an interactive event, and we do encourage you to submit questions before the event begins to ensure that we have time to answer them. Simply email either or There is a $40 gift card for the best questions submitted before the event! 


Watch the Event Recording Below