Defending Against Ransomware Attacks with Immutable Backups

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November What's Brewing Event: Defending Against Ransomware Attacks with Immutable Backups

Join us for our online next ‘What’s Brewing’ event, complete with a gift for every guest.

With ransomware attacks that are specifically targeted at backups on the rise, how can you ensure that your backup data is not vulnerable? Immutable backups are the last line of defence against advanced ransomware threats – no one, not even an administrator can alter the protected data.  In our latest session of What’s Brewing, we’ll be discussing;

  • What are immutable backups
  • Benefits of Immutable backups
  • How to develop and implement an immutable backup plan
We encourage you to submit questions before the event begins to ensure that we have time to answer them. Simply email either or There is a $50 gift card for the best questions submitted before the event! 

Watch the Event Recording Below