Five Years of Citrus Consulting

Citrus Consulting Group Celebrates 5 Years in the IT Services Business

The Citrus Consulting Group is celebrating its fifth year of business offering IT services this year! To celebrate this momentous business achievement, we would like to offer a short retrospective on what Citrus is to us and how we came to provide the excellent services we do today.

Citrus Consulting was the brainchild of our director, Adrian Hall, who, after 12 months of working on Citrus alone, convinced his fellow director, Kevin Rapson to join the team. Both Adrian and Kevin had previously worked together at several different companies but had never found a company who held the same core values that they held themselves. From there, the Citrus Consulting Group you know today was born.

First Clients

Some of the first clients to do business with Citrus were Wellington Airport and 2Talk, both joining a number of the companies who have been working with Citrus Consulting since the beginning. We keep customers such as these and have dealt with many more since then, due to our unshakable ethos – ‘to treat our customers like friends’. Many of our customers are not only friends in business, but have become our personal friends and we have all reaped the mutual benefits.

The Cloud

Since the inception of Citrus Consulting just over 5 years ago, there has been one major player in the world of data management: The Cloud. The rush to the Cloud has been a major gamechanger in the world of data management, with many major companies moving to the Cloud in its very early stages, yet not fully understanding the best way to manage a Cloud-based operation. Back in 2015, our director Adrian had a concept for data management and drew a picture of how to efficiently move data around using NetApp technologies, outlining something very similar to the current NetApp Data Fabric. From there we saw where the industry was going and decided to follow that path and, like clockwork, Dave Hitz, Executive Vice President of NetApp, reaffirmed this theory about the industry in full at an IT event, proving that we are on top of the data management consulting industry. It was ideas like these that pushed Adrian and Kevin together and turned the page for Citrus Consulting.

When it comes to data management the most important thing is that your data is in the right place for your business, whether that is in the Cloud or on-premises. Citrus Consulting has been perfecting that art for the past five years, and just like back then, we are still providing our clients with the best data management consulting strategies and IT services on the market.