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Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Simplifying Business Processes and Data Management

HCI, sometimes known as hyperconverged infrastructure or most recently as Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, is the latest iteration of a simplified and more straightforward IT infrastructure, designed to simplify  a business’s processes by aggregating them into a single cloud data management system. Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure is the next step in streamlining a vast number of IT processes and data management into a single manageable subscription-based service.


So, what is an HCI?

HCI is the next step in a long line of progressively more efficient IT infrastructures that aim to make your business processes as easily manageable, scalable, and efficient as possible, while removing the need for an array of IT specialists to complete Cloud data management or networking tasks. HCI opts for simple scale-out models that allow the user to have the most efficient IT processes with minimal IT knowledge. Most HCI solutions are built as a cluster of commodity servers that provide management of capacity, storage, and CPU cores upon which your server centric workloads are based.


NetApp’s HCI is based on that very scale-out and pay-as-you-go model to further optimise the experience for the user while emphasising  operating efficiency; ensuring that the infrastructure can handle many users and workloads at the same time all without interfering with each other’s processes.


What HCI can do for you?

HCI is aimed at making your IT infrastructure simpler and more efficient. HCI can pull many computing, networking, and Multi-Cloud data management processes into a single operation, consolidating all of your operations into a single process that can be accessed anywhere you need, whether that be on-premise or on-the-go, depending on the needs of your business. One of the biggest advantages to having an effective HCI is the improvement on a company’s IT staff productivity, lowering operating costs and enabling a greater ease of use. Not only this, but by using a software-based management solution, you can reduce many potential operating costs such as cooling, floor space, and power. HCI also minimises the steps needed to complete many computing tasks, allowing for workloads to be passed much faster and without the need for a dedicated IT team to manage it.


Some other things to consider

The IT world is moving in a new direction and having an HCI is key to staying competitive at all levels of business. With the new prevalence and focus on Public Cloud data management and modern Hybrid Cloud solutions, HCI technology is the connection and simplification of modern data management technology and everyday business and enterprise workloads. The new NetApp HCI combines the benefits of scale-out technology with the advantages of modern software-based architecture to give your business the most competitive edge in all Cloud data management while allowing you to only use as much as you need to get the job done.


If you want to learn more about how a NetApp HCI could benefit your business, contact us at Citrus Consulting and we will make sure your business is ready for the future.