How the Cloud Impacts Data Management

Citrus Consulting manages cloud data management strategy for companies in New Zealand

While Cloud has become the new normal of how organisations work, its impact on data management is immeasurable.

In a world centred around technology, the volume of data has been increasing exponentially. As a result, data management has become the utmost challenge for many organisations. With the increasing reliance on the cloud, this data management has become even more complex.

While the cloud provides an enhancement to the infrastructure of the organisations and introduces an optimised working environment, their advanced and ever-evolving structure increases the challenge of managing scalability and cost; But, yet it is in the midst of a complex problem that a better solution sees the light of the day.

The need for cloud data management

Even though data management in the cloud is a complex task, the benefits of utilisation a hybrid cloud environment far outweigh any drawbacks. Cloud has become a quintessential model for most organisations, even some non-IT ones. The incorporation of cloud computing has reached such a point that in order for any organisation to thrive in the future, cloud computing is necessary.

Therefore, considering the importance of cloud and the complexity of data management, it is only natural that a better solution for cloud data management is organisations need. Whether it is a virtual working environment, facilitating remote teams, managing resources, easy upgrades and scalability, or ensuring the digital transformation of an organisation; cloud integration with efficient data management is paving the way.

This is where the Citrus Consulting skill base becomes so important. With unprecedented cloud transformation services, Citrus Consulting provides the best possible Cloud solution for your organisation.

With a thorough initial analysis of your business processes, Citrus Consulting identifies the infrastructure and data management needs for your organisation and then provides the most appropriate solution. With this solution, your organisation can harness the full potential of its data as it will be equipped with high quality and clean data.

Such seamless Cloud data management provides the following benefits:

1. Improved Productivity

It comes as no surprise that enhanced Cloud data management leads to improved productivity. By filtering the useful data and maintaining the large amount of data produced by your organisation, cloud data management provides more clarity to not just the management but all employees. Easy scalability and no requirement for physical infrastructure are the cherries on the top.

2. Accessibility

With Cloud data management, your organisation’s workforce will experience an unabated flow of data. Whether it is the project data, client data, or internal data, the cloud becomes a centralised location where all your data is accessible, 24*7.

As a result of these significant benefits, cloud data management has given birth to exemplary innovation and many businesses have adopted unique yet advantageous paths such as:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Provision of platforms to develop software
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Provision of softwares for particular tasks
  • Data as a Service (DaaS) – Providing data on demand to the modern data-centric organisations
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Providing unimaginable scalability and flexibility in terms of resources
  • Storage as a Service (STaaS) – Rent storage spaces without the need to buy and maintain them physically
  • Network as a Service (NaaS) – Virtual network services for the remote working environments or even for an enhanced, secured network required by organisations

In conclusion

A good Cloud data management strategy has become the pinnacle of cloud computing due to a simple fact that data is the root of every business and cloud has become the keeper of the data.

When it comes to efficiency and optimisation for not just the cloud, but also for the cloud data management, NetApp is the obvious solution. NetApp’s unmatched cloud services are further complemented by its cloud data management capabilities.

Citrus Consulting utilises NetApp’s solutions to ensure effective data management and reliable monitoring and automation of your data in the cloud environments. Regardless of where your data sits across a complex IT infrastructure, NetApp’s solution gives you complete control over your data that helps you take your organisation to the next level.

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