Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Data Management

Our world is changing and evolving at an extraordinary rate. Enterprises need to stay in touch constantly and be extremely adaptable to the changing needs of their customers.

Our multi-cloud data management services and cloud data solutions assist our customers with meeting changing demands, new directions and challenges. We empower our staff to listen to our customer needs, and question and challenge existing systems, strategies and solutions. This ensures that we stay at the forefront and one step ahead of the changing marketplace.

We work with customers to create a roadmap for their applications and infrastructure.

Our aim is to:

Achieve more with less budget.

Improve efficiencies with lower operational overheads.

Lower data centre fees by using better technology without creating complexity.

Increase time to market for applications by creating a mechanism in which development and test environments can be more efficiently and quickly built.

Build an adaptable roadmap that will ensure our customers get the best between on-premises, hybrid-cloud or full cloud data management services and cloud solutions centres.

Move data seamlessly and securely to where it is needed for performance efficiencies.

We help create an environment that provides a common transport mechanism to enable customers to easily, safely and securely move the data closer to where it is needed. In addition to this, we offer the ability to quickly stand up environments with near real-time data of production environments, without adding complexity and storage use. This way, development teams can increase their performance so that they can deliver apps that are required in a very short time for the business units. The bottom line is, if you can react to consumer needs while they are still needed, you will increase your market share and profits for the business.

As the business has become globally accessible, customers have an expectation to be able to do business instantly, when and wherever they are in the world. To compound this hacking has become a part of life, malicious attacks have become the norm across the world. To this end, data protection has become a key element in the survival of any business.

The recovery of the business is essential to the longevity of that business. Simply backing up your data is no longer acceptable. We understand this and use our powerful technologies to meet the new world demands of secure, always available solutions. Our multi-cloud data management solutions allow you to back up data intelligently and recover to any point in time, including to last saved transaction. We are proud to be partnered with high-quality technologies that make this all possible: Palo Alto, Cisco, NetApp, and Veeam.

Our advanced technology partners

Citrus Consulting works closely with NetApp, Veeam and Cisco to ensure the most up to date technologies can be integrated into our client’s systems. Combining the offerings of separate vendors to leverage the best possible outcomes, our multi-cloud data management services and cloud data solutions are the best in Auckland—they are secure and meet enterprise needs. Citrus Consulting offers a software portfolio that is tightly interlinked so that all the technologies are adaptable and integrate seamlessly, from Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and on-premise cloud data solutions.
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