Is Your Data Safe When Stored in the Cloud?

Many organisations are opting for a cloud platform to store crucial business documents with easy accessibility for their employees. In this article, Citrus Consulting Group answers the important question whether cloud based storage can keep your data safe.

These days, many organisations are turning to solutions like cloud storage and providing remote access for their employees for business documents, information, marketing assets, and more. However, with so much data stored in one place, a cloud platform can be a vulnerable business asset.

Undoubtedly, cloud storage is an easy and flexible solution for many enterprises when storing documents, images, and videos instead of using hard drives, but not always the most cost effective. Employees can access these resources from anywhere with an internet connection, but this also poses further security risks.

So, How Secure is Cloud Storage?

Even if you are working on a renowned public cloud-based platform, your data is no safer than it is on your own local systems. Professionally managed cloud services can provide more layers of protection and can keep your business documents safe even if the hard drives of your computer crash. But it is up to you to ensure these layers are implemented.

Importantly, a reputable and experienced cloud service provider will help you store your data more efficiently. The service provider may even incorporate customised and hybrid solutions across various platforms if required, giving you more flexibility and economies of scale.  But again, with public cloud providers, this comes at extra cost over the $/TB advertised.

Although cloud storage services can be made secure, there are still some steps to take to ensure maximum protection. Here are the top 5 best practices when it comes to secure cloud-based storage:

  1. Activate two-factor authentication.
  2. Ensure not to repeat your passwords in multiple accounts and devices and keep it safe in a place like a password manager.
  3. Maintain a physical back-up outside of the cloud of crucial business documents.
  4. Actively test your users.
  5. Inform your employees about various security measures that are in place to keep their systems and work platforms secure.

Ensuring that your organization is implementing the best security practices at an employee level is great, but it is even more important that you choose a cloud storage service provider who you can trust, someone who can help your business to run seamlessly through the adoption of the latest cloud platform.

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