No Bad Headlines with NetApp

No bad headlines with NetApp and Citrus Consulting Group

Another day, another batch of BREAKING NEWS notifications blowing up your phone. 

Cybersecurity news outlets like The Daily Scam and Fraud Weekly love nothing more than sharing the latest dreadful cyberattack headlines with millions of followers. With every story they publish, a company’s reputation and bottom line is left in tatters.

Managing data protection and data security across your hybrid cloud environment can be challenging. Is your business fully prepared to detect ransomware attacks? If you experience one, will you recover?

By 2025, at least 75% of organisations will be subject to one or more ransomware attacks. It’s no longer a question of whether you’ll get targeted, but when. So, the best thing for you to do is to hope that the next attack you face won’t be catastrophic, right?

Identify threats before they can reach your data

News flash: No, it doesn’t have to be this way.

NetApp® and Citrus Consulting Group deliver cyber-resilience solutions designed to protect you from threats. You’ll detect threats before they occur and recover quickly if anything happens.

Our sophisticated data protection and security solutions help you:

  • Keep hackers at bay with anti-ransomware protection that’s built-in
  • Access triggers and alerts that get you ahead of stories before they develop.
  • Shrink recovery times from days or hours to minutes, so you’re the subject of good-news headlines.

Data protection and security solutions from NetApp and Citrus Consulting Group are built-in and always-on, so you don’t spend a single minute of the day without protection.

Make sure all your news is good news.

Gone are the days of looking over your shoulder trying to spot photographers from newspapers like Malware Mail or Swindle Times. We believe that companies today deserve a world without damaging headlines. Fully transform your infrastructure’s security by allowing us to help you:

  • Protect your data wherever it’s located, from edge to core to cloud.
  • Detect threats continuously, so you aren’t caught off guard by the bad press paparazzi.
  • Recover from any attacks quickly, without significantly affecting your reputation or your bottom line.

Make sure those vultures in the cyber press have nothing left to write about. Like they say: No news is good news. It’s our mission at NetApp and Citrus Consulting Group to help you stay out of those condemning headlines for good.