Our Customers

Citrus Consulting partners with our clients for the long-term, providing ongoing support and a flexible roadmap to the Cloud, giving them options and making complex application infrastructures simple with best of breed technology that chosen specifically for broad integration.

Our Customers

Client Testimonials

Citrus Consulting values relationships with customers and staff, knowing that respect is critical to building long-term relationships.

HEB Construction logo - Citrus Consulting - New Zealand

“We are currently in our 3rd year of working with Citrus Consulting. We first engaged with them to move 15 onprem
sites across New Zealand to a Cloud based solution on NetApp systems.
After a while of operation, this Cloud-based storage solution, although convenient and secure, proved to be
difficult to scale in a cost-effective manner. Citrus Consulting were then able to bring the data back to New
Zealand and host it within their own data centres, providing a Hybrid Cloud solution.
Throughout these transitions, we experienced no disruption to our systems and the day-to-day operation of the
business. I would recommend Citrus Consulting to anyone looking for a cost-effective data storage solution.”

Steve Beckwith, HEB Construction Ltd

Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand Taranaki Logo - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

“The challenge that Citrus Consulting first addressed for us was two-fold.

Firstly, how to best transition from a highly physical environment to a virtual infrastructure environment. The second being the technology itself and how we administer it i.e. the IT involvement.

How data is managed for us is changing greatly from fibre channel storage to a converged network and compute environment. Citrus Consulting had experience in doing for other customers and I personally had had a very positive experience of working with them in the past. So, we asked them to put a proposal forward.

Keith Wallance, ICT Services, Infrastructure Team Lead

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“As Head of IT in a rapidly growing start-up, we found the partnership with Citrus Consulting Group to be exceptionally valuable. Not only did they meet regularly to discuss our challenging scenarios with regards to storage and cloud integration, but they continue to inform and advise us of tailor-made options to suit our current and future needs. Implementing timely solutions with Citrus Consulting Group has been a pleasure.”

Sam Brightheart, Head of IT at Soul Machines

Wellington Airport Logo - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

“We have been working with Citrus for 5 years now, and again we are looking to upgrade to the next generation of storage. We are very happy to be working with Citrus and NetApp.”

Gavin Ng, Director of IT at Wellington Airport


Case Study – Soul Machines

Early in 2019, Soul Machines contacted Talon Storage with interest in their Talon FAST product. Talon and Citrus Consulting Group already had a great working relationship, and a joint meeting at Soul Machines was arranged. The plan was to use Talon software as an option to assist their remote users from around the world with improved performance.

After a number of meetings, Citrus Consulting started discussions with Sam Brightheart, Head of IT at Soul Machines, regarding the current storage environment, and how Soul Machines wanted their future infrastructure to look like.

Multiple whiteboard sessions took place to design the best infrastructure environment, that importantly, integrated with the various cloud technologies. Citrus Consulting organised for some of the NetApp Senior Technical Team from Australia to join these sessions and after several months, a plan for which technologies would accommodate the long-term strategy of Soul Machines was achieved.

HEB Construction logo - Citrus Consulting - New Zealand

Case Study – HEB Construction

In early 2018, HEB Construction contacted Citrus Consulting Group to assist them with their unstructured file system consolidation. Their preferred products were NetApp ONTAP and Talon FAST. HEB were also in the process of planning their head office relocation, so they decided to migrate the entire data centre to Microsoft Azure and not build one at the new location.

Their goal was for 12 sites across New Zealand to have all unstructured data stored in the Cloud on NetApp systems based on Azure, and then use Talon FAST to cache the data back to the sites. Working with Steve Beckwith and his team at HEB, Citrus Consulting worked with Talon Storage on their proof of concept, so that once all goals had been achieved, it was a simple process to roll out the Talon FAST edge systems to other sites.

About a year later, the cost of the Cloud-based storage was proving expensive for production workloads, and HEB asked if Citrus had a way to bring the data back to New Zealand and provide a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy in a more cost-effective way.

Case Study – Todd Energy

Founded in 1929, Todd Energy is a leading provider of natural gas resources based in New Zealand. Todd Energy is New Zealand’s first indigenous oil company, with operations at both the McKee Mangahewa and Kapuni oil fields.

The company manages massive data volumes across its operations, including seismic and subsurface datasets. To keep operations running, Todd Energy needs to provide consistent, secure access to that data whenever and wherever it’s required. Downtime of any duration has a direct impact on business operations.

Together with NetApp and NetApp partner Citrus Consulting, Todd Energy modernized and enhanced their disaster recovery and backup infrastructure to improve business continuity and enhance protection against mounting cybersecurity threats.