Gartner & Forester Recommend 3rd Party Backups to Protect Office 365

Office 365 Users Need Third Party Data Back Up and Recovery Solutions

Many customers using Office 365 are under the assumption that their data in the cloud is backed up. However, this is incorrect. Although the Cloud environment offers fantastic system availability, their protection of your data is limited to short term cover and is without a guaranteed recovery point in time. This means that your data is easily lost.

In an article by Ray Schafer (2017), an analyst from Gartner, he, stated: “Use Third-Party Solutions to Fill Backup and Data Recovery Gaps in Office 365” (1).

Forrester made similar recommendations. When it came to protecting our data, there was no question for us about what product to use – Veeam!

When a product is awarded 4.6 out of 5 by peer insights it speaks volumes for the products reliability and ease of use!

A key finding by Gartner (2017) reports that Office 365’s native recycle bins and version histories are not true backups and they don’t allow internal technical resource to manage the backup and recovery processes, which presents security risks and slows down the recovery processes. Although Office365 offers users a high availability environment, it lacks many options for customer-controlled backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 Data Protection - Citrus Consulting - New Zealand

In short, the standard retention policies were insufficient and ultimately it is recommended that organisations deploy a third-party backup tool to gain faster and more flexible recovery and damage control after serious attacks.

Many organisations believe that their gaps in the protection of their data can be eliminated by the use of the ‘Litigation Hold’ feature. However, these hold functions have their limitations. Holds are ‘all or none,’ which means all active folders and archived folders will be placed on hold. This limitation will trigger unnecessary storage sprawl and even additional cost and increase potential legal risks with too much data placed on hold (2).

Citrus offers Peace of Mind to Customers using Office 365

How do we backup your data?

At Citrus Consulting, we backup the data from our Office 365 Tennant. This includes email, OneDrive and SharePoint to our storage repository in New Zealand. The storage repository is in a Data Centre, which is one of the newest 3+ rated Data Centres in New Zealand. It has an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard for security management rating among other highly independent rating certifications.

Citrus supplies Veeam backup Software to customers for their current IT environments, as well as providing them with the subscriptions models for those who had office 365 data requiring backup and want to store their data to their internal data centres. We can offer three options to our customers: subscription, managed service or perpetual licenses – all of which can be pointed at our storage repository based in New Zealand.

Office 365 Backups - Citrus Consulting - New Zealand

Customers moving to Office 365

When Citrus started talking to customers who were in the process of moving to Office 365, it was found that many of them did not know about the lack of data protection services, nor the availability of adequate data protection options. Many customers were frustrated with the lack of backup support for the environment.

Veeam 365 Backup Software – Our Choice

When we were doing research, we saw that Gartner recognised Veeam as an industry leader.

“Veeam has been — and continues to be — one of the fastest-growing companies in the backup industry – over the last four years” – Gartner (2017)

Citrus has been so impressed with the reliability and ease of use experienced with Veeam Office 365 backup software, that it was a ‘no-brainer’ to partner with Veeam and launch a Backup as a Service model for customers.

The uptake has been excellent and Citrus is now working on increasing the service to infrastructure backups for customers to the Citrus storage repository. We even offer temporary server resource to customers wanting to backup their local virtual and physical infrastructure to an offsite location, so that customers can test their own backup solutions.

Decision Matrix: Data Availability and Protection Solutions

We will also be targeting some new environments outside of virtualisation and Office 365 portfolio in the near future, so watch this space, Salesforce and Google users!

We are excited to be able to offer our customers a reliable backup service for their Office 365 environments.

Learn more about our Office 365 backup service – HERE. If you would like to get started, please contact us at Citrus Consulting. We are very happy to do a proof of concept or demonstration for you on the backup and its value.

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Learn more about our Office 365 backup service. If you would like to get started, please contact us at Citrus Consulting. We are very happy to do a proof of concept or demonstration for you on the backup and its value.


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