The Challenge

While new technologies present powerful opportunities for enterprises, they also introduce challenges.

The pace of change in IT is unprecedented. No longer can IT departments standardise on one or two computer models, a single operating system and a short list of approved applications.

IT staff are being asked to do more and more with little thought to how complex the systems, applications and the total environment has become. It is almost impossible to expect the staff to be able to know everything. The alternative is to hire more staff members who are focused on the individual environment, so that that their skills and experience allow them to complete the work without error and on time; however, this is extremely costly.

​For many organisations, those challenges add up to significant expenses: the cost of hiring and training qualified workers, purchasing the infrastructure to support emerging technologies, and keeping systems up to date and secure. Rather than struggle to keep pace with technology, many organisations turn to managed services providers for help.

By outsourcing back-end functions or complex and rapidly changing technologies, organisations dedicate their in-house technology experts to projects that will further their core objectives and promote innovation.

Our Solution

Citrus takes a proactive approach to manage your technology infrastructure.  Vastly reducing the need to react to issues or put out fires. Being proactive allows many problems to be identified and corrected before they become problems. A benefit of this approach is your employees will be more productive, which will save your company time and money.

​Citrus Consulting provides a set of data management services aimed at ensuring that our customers’ core infrastructure is managed to a high standard. These services will be carried out by highly skilled and experienced technical engineers who can complete the management of the storage environments to the highest level of efficiency and standards:

​These services start at a “Value” aimed at merely to complement our customers’ existing IT team, by off-loading some of the day to day operations and data management of the storage infrastructure. This service can be increased all the way through to a “Comprehensive” service or relocating to a T3 government-approved data centre, which encompassed the management of the entire storage infrastructure. However, these services can be tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs!

​This benefits your company by allowing the IT staff to focus on other internal user needs. It also eliminates the necessity of making a significant investment in infrastructure management tools since Citrus already has these in place.

Workshops & Audits

Citrus Consulting offers a number of workshops and audits to help define your current IT landscape, identify gaps and potential risks, and determine the most appropriate strategy moving forward, based on business goals and data analytics. 

To see a full outline of each workshop, please click on the links below:

– Information Systems Discovery and Analysis Workshop

– Information systems Architecture Strategy & Design

– Data Management and Protection Services Workshop

– Data Compliance Service Workshop

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