Adopting a Cloud First Strategy

Organisations are facing a rapidly changing information technology environment. CIO’s are finding themselves under more and more pressure to adopt a “Cloud First” strategy. However, this in many cases is impractical and in other cases are not the best solutions from a financial or security perspective.

Cloud environments have some great advantages with certain types of workloads and disadvantages with others. For example, if the availability of the application to the organisation’s production environment is critical, then the application needs to be on-premises. Unless of course the connectivity can be absolutely guaranteed, which is seldom the case.

Other factors that will influence the location of the organisation’s application are:

  • Existing Infrastructure.
  • Cloud readiness of the applications.
  • Reliability of networks.

For example, moving high workload applications to the cloud and running them 24×7 is an expensive option. In most cases, it would be far cheaper to run on-premises or in a local private data centre.

Another key reason for customers to look at alternatives to the traditional infrastructure environment is their need for staff to focus on running the business applications and not be bogged down with infrastructure management and data storage retention and protection. In these instances, CIO’s are looking for services that provide only a managed infrastructure service. A “Black Box” solution, which removes the day-to-day management and protection of the underlying infrastructure and data.

An important aspect of any organisations journey is to be mindful of the fact that the current information technology path is extremely volatile, the change is happening at a phenomenal rate. This means any solution roadmap needs to be extremely agile, ensuring that they are not driven down a dead end and then having a very expensive detour to get back on track.

Citrus Consulting’s PaaS

Citrus Consulting’s PaaS solution offers a design to cater to your bespoke business requirements. Our primary goal with our solutions is to ensure that our customers do not find themselves with islands of infrastructure. With this in mind, we have adopted the NetApp technology philosophy based on the “Data Fabric”.

A Data Fabric is an architecture and a set of data services that provide consistent capabilities across a choice of endpoints spanning on-premises and multiple cloud environments. Data Fabric simplifies and integrates data management across cloud and on-premises to accelerate digital transformation.

Citrus Consulting provides a fully managed PaaS solution in our two data centres in New Zealand. These data centres are fully secured and government approved.

What are the Options?

However, for those organisations who require a solution which needs to be hosted in their own data centres, Citrus has created a solution, which can be seamlessly integrated with the two Citrus sites, and any of the major public clouds. This ensures complete data protection, as well as the ability to ensure that the solution is not just another island of technology.

Fundamentally the On-Premises PaaS options are as follows:

  • Managed Monthly PaaS solution designed as an interim solution.
  • Fully Managed Long-term solutions.

The monthly PaaS option is to cater to customers who do not yet have a defined Cloud First roadmap or have ageing equipment which can no longer cope with workloads, yet a huge long-term investment is completely undesirable at this point. Alternatively, the organisation may just need a stop gap to add infrastructure resources while Capex is not sufficient to meet the requirements of the business.

This solution allows organisations to continue to operate while personally experiencing the technology capability and flexibility of the Citrus solution.

For long-term solutions, it is primarily to assist customers with an alternative solution to Capex, by providing technology to meet current requirements as an operational one. A fully managed “Black Box” solution designed to ensure organisations have a platform for their data that is completely managed and protected by Citrus Consulting. These solutions are specifically tailored to meet exact requirements while ensuring that the organisation’s IT teams can focus on what is important i.e., running the business applications.

Platform as a Service - PaaS - Citrus Consulting New Zealand

Data comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do we.

Citrus Consulting will work with an organisation’s team to ascertain their current challenges and their desired outcomes, ensuring we create a road map with the solution that has the agility the customer requires. Each solution is priced up based on the initial solution being supplied, however, the pricing structure will also factor in growth should this be required at a later stage.

Have a chat with us and see how we can help you with your data management. Contact us at Citrus Consulting today and get involved with our new event on how you can better manage your data and IT services.