Imagine if you were able to centralise all file level data across the enterprise, consolidate the storage and server infrastructure from the branch offices while maintaining optimal performance, and only manage it at one location using your existing on-premise, hybrid-cloud, or full cloud data centre. With NetApp’s Global File Cache software-based caching technology this is totally achievable!
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Centralize Unstructured Data

Create a single set of data, and then use NetApp’s Global File Cache to extend your file-sharing infrastructure to all your remote sites and branch locations. Store your single data set on premises, in a hybrid cloud environment, or in a public cloud data center. NetApp’s Global File Cache gives you maximum flexibility.

Consolidate Distributed IT

NetApp’s Global File Cache is a storage-agnostic solution that works with any SMB/CIFS infrastructure, so you can adapt your storage solutions as needs change. In almost any environment and alongside almost any storage solution, you can cut storage costs by as much as 70 percent.
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Streamline Distributed IT & Eliminate Branch Office Backups

Rely on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, and completely eliminate local backups. Intelligent File Cache ensures only the active data your team members need is stored locally, and the cache is automatically purged over time.

Launch a Cloud-First Strategy

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud—demand elasticity, financial control, and reduced physical infrastructure costs—while still delivering a file-sharing experience so good it will feel as though employees are working in the same room, no matter where they are in the world.
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Citrus Consulting and NetApp Tackle Enterprise Data Storage Challenges

Solution: NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Global File Cache

A New Zealand based construction firm needed to consolidate old hardware across the APAC region, centralize over a petabyte of data into the cloud, and update their remote offices to offer better file sharing and managing capabilities. They needed a “single set of data” stored in a cloud environment, as no servers or hardware would be moved into the new head office. This New Zealand based firm had previously been working with Microsoft Azure to do some data management, so transitioning into the cloud for a centralized approach to data storage was an easy next step.

In order to consolidate this New Zealand based construction firm’s existing data into a cloud environment, Talon (now NetApp) worked with us to implement the solution.

Having already been familiar with Talon FAST™ (now NetApp’s Global File Cache) and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, we were instrumental in making this transition into the cloud run smoothly. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in conjunction with Microsoft Azure would address all remote data concerns and allow this New Zealand firm to integrate smoothly into the larger global partner network. This addressed the primary problem for the New Zealand based firm, namely the centralization of larger data sets spread across their growing offices and consolidating outdated hardware.

Since they needed to relocate their headquarters to a new office without bringing any new hardware, they needed a storage solution to pair with their cloud platform that could scale alongside their growing business, provide seamless collaboration between offices, and assist IT managers in maintaining a centralized data set. FAST™ (now Global File Cache) was the perfect fit.

Talon FAST™ (NetApp’s Global File Cache) software made it easy for the New Zealand based construction firm to consolidate their data into the cloud. FAST™ (Global File Cache), unlike other storage solutions, is software-based, so it doesn’t require enterprises to purchase additional hardware. It uses intelligent file caching technology to enhance and simplify data distribution to branch offices, so it solved New Zealand based firm’s issues with file versions and keeping active data at branch offices.

This allowed the New Zealand based construction firm to create a centralized data set in the cloud using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and consolidate storage during their transition into a new head office.


With FAST™ (now Global File Cache) in place in all remote locations throughout the New Zealand based firm’s enterprise, users could access, edit, and share data seamlessly. This allowed IT managers to eliminate branch office backups, remove the security risk of isolated data, and reduce IT footprint and overhead. By storing all company data in the cloud with Azure and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, this New Zealand based firm is able to access a centralized data set from anywhere in the world while still consolidating and updating aging hardware.

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