Diminish the Challenges of Distributed Storage Using Talon FAST™

To fix the challenges you face with distributed storage for employees working offsite, Citrus Consulting recommends using Talon FAST™ software.

Enterprises are finding it increasingly more challenging to manage data storage and the distribution of data with multiple employees working from a variety of locations. Organisations are also struggling to manage what is needed across multiple destinations, resulting in elaborate and expensive IT Management. The challenges that enterprises are currently facing if not managed properly, can result in reduced employee productivity, loss of data integrity, administration management problems, and employees being unable to collaborate and share files with each other.

There have been solutions identified in the past that have been able to partially solve the challenges of distributed storage, that have optimised WANs and altered protocols to allow the centralisation of data and remote access. However, once the size complexity of data increased, this technique was unable to keep up and manage it efficiently.

Talon FAST™ found a solution around these challenges by creating a storage fabric for a multi-site windows server deployment, that attacks the problem at the source by using a hybrid model. With this structure the data is streamed and cached on demand to sites where it is used, while maintaining the authoritative data set at centralised locations, so that it is easily managed and provisioned. With the addition of the FAST™ Fabric and FAST™ Intelligent File cache, it manages the cache population and effective data movement to and from offsite locations, as well as providing the multisite coherence and consistency that is needed to enable global file sharing and collaboration between workers.

Why Do We Recommend Talon FAST™?

Can Acquire Large Files Swiftly

Talon FAST™ Fabric is a software-defined storage fabric that can acquire large files swiftly by predicting the number of requests that would be necessary to acquire the complete file. Rather than having to input a large number of requests as would normally be expected, FAST™ reads the data in large segments and difference incremental updates, once saved again over the WAN; this enables the user to receive the file over the same WAN in less than a couple of a seconds. This software can reject user requests, recognises Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and computes New Technology File System (NTFS) Permissions and different file changes through its intelligent file caching technology. Talon FAST™ provides a solution to the challenges of distributed storage by removing frustrations from restrictions caused by latency and bandwidth issues. The software can do this by translating Server Message Block (SMB)/Common Internet File System (CIFS) storage requests into a more beneficial session layer protocol, leveraging different streaming between FAST™ edge and core instance to reduce network payload and permitting read-ahead and write-back functions.

High Performance Access to Central Storage

Talon FAST™ produces high performance access to central file storage and delivers instant benefits to applications that enterprises use. We use Talon FAST™ to diminish the challenges of distributed storage with an optimal application experience, accessing and collaborating on date for users. The benefits of utilising this service includes centralising and securing data, global file sharing, Microsoft integration, decreased storage costs and removes branch office backup.

Citrus Consulting aims to deliver flexible technologies and solutions to further improve business goals. We have been working with Talon to provide our partners with the best solutions to their storage challenges, to ensure their businesses are able to achieve maximum productivity whether they are in office or working remotely. Get more in-depth information on the solution for distributed data storage provided by Talon.

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Talon FAST™ can help you overcome the challenges associated with distributed storage. It eliminates data silos and gives you a single source of truth for all your applications, no matter where they are located.

If you want to learn more about how to get your business started with Talon Storage in New Zealand, contact us at Citrus Consulting and we will help you make the move today!