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The most important current trend in IT infrastructure and data management is the ability to work from anywhere and at any time, having access to an efficient data storage service. The Public Cloud is quickly gaining huge traction for the same reason, and as the hybrid office structure becomes the norm, accessing your business’s local data and applications from anywhere and at any time becomes mandatory.

Challenges of Cloud Data Storage

So why is it still a difficult strategy for many businesses to implement? This is because, without an intelligent management solution for your IT data management services, the use of any Cloud solution can be difficult to handle or make the best of in terms of user efficiency.

When it comes to moving to the Cloud, you should always remember that there is likely to be a lot of data to consider across your entire business, so moving all your data to the Cloud could slow things down and make it very difficult to optimise. This is why we aim to fully integrate your local data centres with Public Cloud solutions, streamlining where your data is at all times and making sure that it is always where it should be when you need it.

NetApp Cloud Insights and Global File Cache

This is done with the help of NetApp’s powerfully effective Cloud Insights and their Global File Cache, two solutions that can help to push your business’s Cloud storage solutions to the next level. NetApp’s Cloud Insights is a software analysis solution that aims to specifically monitor and manage your Cloud solutions with an aim to allow you to troubleshoot, optimise, and generally control your Cloud data centres so that at all times your data is fully under your control. This, in tandem with the Global File Cache, creates an unbeatable data solution for any business that needs their data anytime, anywhere. The NetApp Global File Cache works to create an “active data” caching strategy that optimises the flow of data from anywhere, including local and international data movement. Global File Cache ensures that branch offices are just as close to the assets they need, like any other.

Citrus Consulting Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

At Citrus Consulting we are now able to offer a 2nd PaaS service. Along with our successful data hosting solutions, Citrus can now offer you storage based PaaS on your site, next to your users and servers. You choose the capacity and performance required.

Being able to offer this service to companies for short, medium or long term on a regular monthly payment with the ability to grow as needed, takes away the requirement to worry about the hardware and just concentrate on the data.

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